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Please don't ask me to send u songs, sorry but i don't have time for mp3 trading.


becoming X
  6 underground the umbrellas of ladywell mix #2 (1mb-mp3 mono) -download-
Low Place Like Home album version (1min - 0.3mb) -download-
how do album version (1min 250k) -download-
Post Modern Sleaze album version (1min 230k) -download-

Low Five radio edit 1 min -1.4Mb- mp3 - 160kbps -download-
Lighning Field album version 3:30 min -1.6Mb- mp3 - 64kbps mono -download-
Superbug album version 3:30 min -1.6Mb- mp3 - 64kbps mono -download-
Diving (cdsingle "Low Five") 2:00 min -1Mb- mp3 - 64kbps mono -download-
Unattach (cdsingle "Low Five") 2:00 min -840k- mp3 - 64kbps mono -download-
Perfect One (cdsingle "10 to 20") 2:00 min -900k- mp3 - 64kbps mono -download-
Virgin (cdsingle "10 to 20") 1:30 min -750k- mp3 - 64kbps mono -download-



In The Blue (2mins - mp3 64kbps 910k) -download-
Johnny (2:30 - mp3 64kbps 1.2Mb) -download-
Velvet Divorce (1:38 - mp3 64kbps 0.7mb) -download-
Spin Spin Sugar radio edit (3:25 - full song - mp3 56kbps 1.4mb) -download-
        very different from the album version,
        maybe one of pimps' best song, i think.

Can't Find My Way Home (2:30 - mp3 32kbps 0.6mb) -download-
        a spaced out reinterpretation of the Blind Faith classic.
        written by steve winwood

Precious (1min - mp3 32kbps 0.3mb)-download-
        kelli's beautiful voice !!
        written by kelli dayton

Clean (3mins - mp3 56kbps 1.2mb) -download-
        "...i had a dream...last night...."
        written by howe/corner/pickering

No More (1:26 - mp3 56kbps 0.6mb) -download-
        written by kelli dayton
Fire Starter (by Prodigy) -download-
Emiliana Torrini 10 to 20 live -download-
Maxim & Sneaker Pimps Backward Bullet -download-
Natalie Imbruglia Cold Air lyrics by Sneaker Pimps -download-



XFM radio - live jan 2002

interview -download 2.1mb-
small town witch -download 3.1mb-
interview -download 1.3mb-
sick -download 2.6mb-
interview -download 0.5mb-

Vienna aug 2001

kiro tv
lightning fields
the fuel
flowers and silence
6 underground
loretta young silks
spin spin sugar

-download- (58 mb - 8 files - 192 kbps - 44.1hz - stereo)

radio show September 7th, '97 - Rockville, MD (USA)

becoming X
tesko suicide
post modern sleaze
6 underground
(+ interviews)

-download- (23 mb - 128 kbps - 44.1hz - stereo - from tape)

radio show January 29th, '97 - Atlanta, (USA)

becoming X
6 underground
post modern sleaze
tesko suicide
walking zero
roll on

-download- (23 mb - 128 kbps - 44.1hz - stereo - from tape)

  6 underground
6 underground 

2.3mb *** full lenght *** realvideo

Post-Modern Sleaze

1.7mb ***almost full lenght*** realvideo

ps: the audio stream is not the original one, but it's taken from PMS-video mix... the main difference is that it doesn't contain sound and effects like phone's rings, policemen voice, etc..etc... but anyway it's cool !!!

spin spin sugar
Spin Spin Sugar

152k - 30 secs - realvideo


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