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11th december 2002, Maxwells - Hoboken - USA
20th july 2002, Pohoda festival - Slovakia
3rd april 2001, Pordenone - Italy
20th march 2001, Paris
1st november 2000, Los Angeles
6th march 1997 - Oxford, Zodiac
29th september 1999 - Aberdeen, Glow 303


11th december 2002, Maxwells - Hoboken - USA
by casey
kct22_1999 AT yahoo .com

ok, so i too was at the show last night in hoboken. first of all the
place was just too cool. so small, i swear i've never seen a signed
band play such a small place.....we are lucky bastids for that! i
was there pretty early (well 8) and their was about 10 people in the
whole place. me and my two friends sat right in front of the stage
(in front of where dave was.)
the opening band wasn't bad. they were called ambulance. nothing
like the pimps, but not bad nonetheless. they were much better than
a lot of the shite on the radio, but not really my kind of music.
so i had so much fun. i was next to this girl who had two nice
cameras. she was taking pictures all one point she was
layin on her stomach on the stage between chris and dave taking
pictures of joe and chris and chris actually leaned down and
pretended to lick the camera. they were such cool guys, definitely
the happiest i've seen them be to play.
they sounded perfectly on point. every song. they kicked ass, so
much kicking ass! so i didn't get the setlist but i was in front of
it all night and i think i remember most of it (well not in order)...
After Every Party I Die
Kiro TV
The Fuel
Sorry, It Was Me
Low Five
Lightning Field
Spin Spin Sugar
Loretta Young Silks
Half Life
6 Underground

At one point during the encore everyone was screaming requests, and
Chris was polling the crowd. He said "I love you want
something fast or slow?" So alot of people were screaming for Low
Five and he was like "ok, well do it." After that they played
Superbug, which was so heavy with sound and just awesome! After that
me and the girl next to me were yelling "Splinter!!!!" And Chris
looked at us both and said "I am SOOOOOO tempted to play that one."
But they played 6 Underground (which was awesome nonetheless.) And
then they started walking off the stage and they had to walk right
past me to get out. So Chris walked past me and I just kind of
patted him on the back telling him how great the show was and he
looked at me and smiled. What an awesome night! (Jeez I must sound
like a total crazy stalker obsessed with the band - I'm really not, I
was just way excited and I loved every minute of it.) I met two
really cool girls there too, one of which I already explained was
taking pictures (which she said she will email to me as soon as she
Well, all I can say is that it was definitely better than the show I
saw in Philly this summer, and by the sounds of the new songs, the
next album is going to be mindblowing.

Hope everyone that was there had as great a time as I.
p.s. - what is this project Chris talked to you about after the 9:30
show in DC that everyone in this room already knows about? i am a
new member and i must have missed it. is it a line of flight cd? if
it is, what does anyone know about it?
k later guys.

20th July 2002, Pohoda festival - Slovakia
by Lubica
lubica.lederleitnerova AT


It all began on sunny Saturday afternoon when me and my two friends entered the festival area. Since the fest was in a full swing there were too many kind of devastated humans but nevermind that. We made our way to the first row on the main stage. It was only 7 PM and the Pimps were due on stage at midnight. I thought to myself “What the bloody hell am I gonna do?” There was 1 hour gap before the gig and everybody left except us three girls. I wasn’t that much surprised because there aren’t so many people who know Sn. pimps (that’s what I thought) and I’m not even talking about fans.

At 00.03 AM all the Pimps came out on stage except Liam, because he stayed at home with his wife and new born baby girl as Chris told us later. The gig started with Kiro TV and I couldn’t believe that those wonderful guys are right in front of me. All three wore suits (but only Chris didn’t have any shirt underneath), he had only kind of a red collar around his neck and of course a bottle of red wine that he later spilt a little bit over him. During the gig he was kind of breakdancing, pulling special faces (smiles) on to the ones he recognized in the crowd. When I turned back just to see how is the crowd I was happy cos there was a huge crowd of happy people singing all together with Chris (to my surprise). I must say that this gig was a highlight of this summer. Even Chris made me cry when before Loretta he said: “This one is for those of you who feel lonely tonight and God knows I do.”

These are the song, but I really can’t remember in which order:
Kiro TV, Sick, Small town witch, Loretta Young silks, The fuel, Bloodsport, Low Five, 6 Underground, Spin, spin sugar.
I think they were amazing We met them afterwards and must admit they are really friendly, nice persons and Chris is the walking Charisma by himself.

Thank you guys, just keep on doing this wonderful music.

3rd April 2001, Pordenone - Italy
by marco razzo


"i am here! i got here!"
thats what i thought after travelling a lot to see sneaker pimps live.
before arriving to Pordenone i visited some friends on
the way, and now pimps are going to play in less
than 1 hour!! what could i ask more ???
it's 9 o'clock, chris, liam, dave, joe are coming on the stage.
music starts spreading, lights break out pouring on them!
i was scared that the italian audience wouldnt have liked them, but i was
completely wrong, they loved them, i am sure! (except for a
12-years girl behind me that kept shouting brian-brian (molko) all the time ;)

while they were playing, lots of people was asking "what's their name?
who are they ???" so i think they were quite interested in them!
chris was singing, whispering, shaking on the show, dancing
in the lights, and drinking red wine eheh!! liam was always smiling,
dave and joe staring at the audience satisfied.

here is the tracklist..

*** (...i want to sink you...?? i dont know the title!)

it was one of the best concert i have ever been! i bought 2 t-shirts,
and i want to thank pimps for the show and for letting me to bother them at
the end :),
i want also to thank a19geo (u know why =) and pimps again for EVERYTHING and the new
friends i met there!
and placebo too were great, 2 of my fave bands together, i was so happy!!

something you might interest you.... chris said that the new album
will be out maybe after summer... "in autumn lets say"...
keep pimping!
ciaooooooo, marco

20th March 2001, Paris
by nimrod

hello everyone
just to tell you about the gig in Paris last night
the set-list was the same

Kiro TV
The Fuel
Miami counting
6 underground
small town witch
Loretta young silks
Spin spin sugar

chris was quite talkative and it was a pleasure to see the band !!!
the audience was quite polite no 'placebo' scream and applaused the pimps
the venue was sold-out for months (6000 people)
they seem to know 6underground and spin spin sugar and appreciate loretta by claping their hand on the beginning of the song...

great gig but no songs from splinter and it's a pity cos I'm sure that if they had played low five or ten to twenty the audience had been louder...

anyway the gig of placebo was great too and brian thanks 'the sssneaker pimpsss' as he said

chris talked between the songs and they were so nice...
there were a group of about 50 people who were really into songs just in front of chris, and chris often smiled to them or give them a little sign

They're on again tonight... same place but without me :((

I'll tell you more if you want...


1st November 2000, Los Angeles
by Nene4577

I just got back from the LA show too!! (1 nov 2000) Was AMAZING and i think Liam is the cutest of the Sneaker Pimps. I got to talk to him the longest, though ALL four of the guys are super nice. I took a LOT of pics (3 about 75 pics, plus another 10 on a digital camera)!!! Unfortunately, the security guard caught my tape recorder and almost wouldn't let me in the no tape for me to relive the experience. I also grabbed a set list...close your eyes if you don't want to know:
Kiro TV
Low Place like Home
Blue Movie
Maimi (sic) Counting
6 Underground
Loretta Young Silks
Low 5
Think Harder
Spin Spin Sugar
Walking Zero
Wife by 2000
The set list says Flowers and Silence right after 6U, but they didn't play that. And I can't really tell if they played 2 songs before Low 5, so there might be a missing song there. The last 2 songs were with an acoustic guitar....VERY different version of Walking Zero. Wife by 2000 wasn't on the original set list. Chris only sung it because some drunk girl kept yelling for it. Chris finally had to say "OK, I'll get a fucking guitar and play it and the end, just for you". It was soooo funny because he told the crowd that he didn't remember the words. It took him a while, but he winged it...then sort of lost it, and then recovered at the chorus. It was most wonderful!! I can't wait for them to come back.


Apart from the infinitely huge gap between bands for the reason that
there was no support this gig did actually turn out to be worthwhile.

The crowd seemed to be fairly typical-ranging from those sporting
their trendy trade-names to those cladded in more or less ‘rags’
wearing their I couldn’t care less attitude.

Half of ‘us’ seated and half of ‘us’ standing, the DJ filled ‘the
wait’ with drum & bass beats - spilling the vibes enhancing mind &
body to set the scene for the band’s build up.

Accept nobody accept for a few inabiated fellas are really getting
this - rather those gathered are more interested in sipping their
pints and smoking their cigarrettes.

After a couple of guys had finished fluffing around with the band’s
set - Then the band finally take their positions and then Kelli-Dayton
makes her long awaited entrance at around 11pm.

Wearing a moderately provocative outfit consisting of white-beaded
flares and a leopard patterned string top encumbered with toy guns &

You realise that she does quite naturally assume an unpretentious
image of ‘yoof culture’ ‘Quadrophenia’.

They played several tracks of their amazing debut album (Becoming X),
including a slightly abstract version of ‘6 underground’ due to a
slight technical hitch.

They are brilliant live, their music was superb throughout and they
were greatly appreciated by the crowd.

This review was sent to me kindly by Thomas Munro



Reviewed by
Tom Munro

 29th September 1999 The Sneaker Pimps - Glow 303 Aberdeen 
by Dandysgirl
check her website too!!

This was my first gig at Glow. It’s basically a nightclub. Downstairs is the second bar
with a kind of balcony, then you go down more stairs to the dancefloor and stage.
The stage was just a fine size. Myself and Debbie eventually moved on down to the
front, to the left of the stage. Perfect view! 

The lads got into full swing only a few songs into their set. Chris announced that it
was Liam, the keyboard player and programmer’s birthday. Chris asked the crowd to
sing happy birthday, Chris put the microphone to the crowd and we sang! A little
later someone form the crowd bought Liam a Becks beer and handed it to Chris to
pass on to him, that was nice eh!. 

Obviously I wasn’t familiar with the new stuff, but then the played Low Five. Shortly
they played 6 Underground, the crowd went mental. I wasn’t sure how well this
would turn out with Chris’ vocals, but it came across very well indeed!! ‘we are
gonna bugger off after this one’ next up was Spin Spin Sugar, again the crowd went
bezerk, it was great we just watched everyone singing along. Again I thought Chris’
vocals came across great! ‘thanks a lot goodnight’ the lads sauntered off the
stage... The lads came back. Encore. ‘it was cos Liam needed a piss’ exclaimed
Chris. There was a loud cheer. 

Chris pulls up a stool, grabs his acoustic, ‘me stool has shrunk’ as he hightens his
stool, sits down, ‘I feel like Val Doonagan, with me pull over’. ‘this is Splinter’. I was
very impressed, with this song, just marvellous... Even though I was watching how
he was playing the guitar to great detail. Whilst Chris was on guitar Joe was on
maracas!! It went down really well too. ‘That was a drunken version’ said Chris.
Drunken version? Sounded good enough to me, and obviously to all those around

The last song, Not sure which song this was, it was beautiful, the chorus was ‘I can
see a rainbow, I can see a rainbow’ ‘can’t believe we pulled that one off’, triumphs
Chris. ‘Thanks and goodnight’ the lads dissapeared... the crowd still chanting ‘one
more, one more’. 

Overall a fantastic gig, not knowing what to expect. S’pose its better that way. They
were very appreciative of the crowd, as was the crowd appreciative of them. 
Written by Genine


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