Here you can find pictures taken from
magazines & live shows   
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if you haven't yet downloaded their
videos from the official pimps' page, then check these...

...Kelli is *beautiful* IMHO !!!
(but now she is not part of sneaker pimps anymore
so stop asking about her please!=)

click on pictures to see more of them

6 Underground


Spin Spin Sugar


Post Modern Sleaze
thanks to Aran from Holland !!!



this is a very good image taken from my pimps' poster,
its quite big but if you can print it you will get a good image i guess :)
pimps poster

some of these posters are on sale at

pimps poster pimps poster pimps poster
pimps poster pimps poster
pimps-subway thanks to Stephan from Germany pimps-aphex

live + autograph

thanks to Stephan from Germany you can look at:

pimps poster

red/white pimps logo is a promotional metal sticker/postcard: (front & back)

pimps sticker front     pimps sticker back


do u have a nokia mobile phone ? well, try this cool logos made by stephan (germany):



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