I don't know anything about Kelli's new solo career..
so dont ask me please :)
i hope to hear soon her voice again!!

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site has moved to .. and waiting for new pimps album yet !!!


Audio and Video section is back !!!


the new project by Chris is called I AM X: a release album is coming, tour dates are being performed.. anyway Sneaker Pimps will release a new album soon! maybe with a new female singer.. stay tuned! ciauz
      (source: gossips )


a lot of songs for the new album are ready !! you can listen them in the shows that pimps are doing in these weeks around europe.
      (source: Hezboy )


new tour dates!!!
thanks to Vojta

27th - Czech Republic, Prague
28th - Slovakia, Bratislava
29th - Austria, Salzburg



new european show ! APRIL 4th, Luxembourg, at Atelier !!! go there if u can !!!
      (source: jacky :) )


Have you already heard of ULTRAFOX, the latest project of Liam and Joe from the Sneaker Pimps working together with the German twins Connie & Claudia ? I think their songs are excellent and if you like stuff like Malaria?s ?Kaltes klares Wasser? you?ll love this.They had their first single out last November called ?Cloakroom Girl?, a gorgeous double pack 7? (which also feat. ?I Get Lifted?, ?Music Is People Are? and ?Horses?). You can order it from who described their music as ?Dark bass heavy German electronic pop. Low sung and funky machine music, like a tasteful Peaches, Ladytron or Lali Puna. ULTRAFOX basically was born while the Pimps were on tour supporting PLACEBO in April 2001, in Amsterdam to be precise and they've been very busy recording since. Expect their first live gigs this year !
(claudia & ela xX // thank u for this info!!!)
      (source: )


HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! yeeeeeeeee !!!
some updates have been made.. live reviews, discography, tour dates (well, they are already old now.. but i promise you they were worth!!).. some pics coming soon!! ciaooo


new UK dates added. rumors about a Line of Flight album coming out soon =)


new ultra-download section !!
in this section you will find some live shows and other BIG files. please note, this section will not be always online!
online now: live @ KCRW '97, '00, live @ atlanta '97 and rockville '97 and Vienna 2001.. check it out !


why am i such damn lazy about adding news ?? i have no idea. byez.
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The WembleyTV website ? has a very special package in its charity auction section, thanks to the Sneaker Pimps. The lot coincides with the bands newly released album




The Sneaker Pimps will be doing an online chat on 97X Radio website, at next Wednesday, (4/24) at 3:00 PM EDT. People can log into the chat room and ask the band anything they want. They do these with bands on a regular basis and they have always a lot of fun.
      (source: email )


NEW TOUR DATES IN APRIL !! check the dates section


sneakerpimps are performing on April 2nd in Prague, in the ROXY
      (source: Iggy )


lots of rumors about Tommy Boy records.... anyway, the last and good news are: first cd single out March 25th, and new album out April 22nd !!!! YEEEEEEE!!!
      (source: pimps' manager )


XFM interview & live performance! (small town witch and sick) if u missed it, check the audio section and listen !!

Pimps also said that cdsingle Sick and Bloodsport should be out in March, there are some small problems with record company apparently.


The new album BLOODSPORT is to be released worldwide on Tommy Boy Records on 28th January 2002.

new single SICK is now to be released on February 11th and will feature mixes by Dom T, X Men (aka Double 99) and Gonzales
      (source: official website )


new tour dates in january in Germany: 26 (Hamburg) and 27 (Köln)
      (source: )


hello! ok, the restyling of the website is ready, hope u like it....otherwise....i will send u to the Hanson website!
thanks Maja for the logo & colors idea!


new audio !! vienna live show and some bsides..featuring Natalie Imbruglia, Maxim and Emiliana Torrini


Pimps DVD out 19th November! tracklist includes Tesko Suicide Six Underground Spin Spin Sugar Post Modern Sleeze Low Five


BLOODSPORT: new album release re-scheduled to january 2002....... well, we will wait! =)
      (source: yahoo club )


the first single from BLOODSPORT will be Sick. Pimps are already working on the video too
      (source: yahoo club )


NEW ALBUM IS COMING OUT!!! its called BLOODSPORT and the release date is scheduled on October 30th
Kiro TV *** Sick *** Small Town Witch *** Black Sheep *** Loretta Young Silks *** M'Aidez *** The Fuel *** Bloodsport *** Think Harder, Think Dumb *** Blue Movie *** Grazes

Pimps have signed for TommyBoy Records, home of several very big US Hip Hop acts. Hope this will give more chance for a US realease of BLOODSPORT too !


summer europena tour in august !! check the new dates in spain, portugal, germany and switzerland
      (source: phantombomblisting, official website, and more... )


Pimps wrote a song together with Natalie Imbruglia. do you feel happy ? wanna hear ? check her official website:
      (source: thanks to Thomas Maltese !! )


more live pictures or recent tour:



wanna see lots of live pictures from Vienna live show ? check !! its wonderful !!
      (source: yahoo clubs & terrisha8 )


      (source: me :) )


PIMPS LIVE !!! on the 3rd april i've seen sneaker pimps live in italy (pordenone), they were absolutely great ! soon i will add some pictures and live reviews !


sneaker pimps & placebo tour dates
      (source: )


MUSICMATCH gives you live, rare and previously unreleased music from the Sneaker Pimps. Miami Counting, Sick, Blue Movie, Kiro TV, O-Type, Loretta Young Silks, Low Five, Low Place Like Home. check and listen !!
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Never heard Pimps with Kelli singing FIRESTARTER (by Prodigy?)...check it here..
      (source: thanks to John XXXX for the info on the yahoo club! )


Pimps will be playing on 13th Dec in London at Astoria 2!
      (source: the official pimps' website )

*** Nov 2000 ***

Pimps have played some live and radio shows, performing live some of the songs of the new album. (the new album will be released in Spring 2001 maybe).
Some tracks' names are:
Kiro TV
Miami Counting
Blue Movie
Loretta Young Silks

I definitely suggest you to listen to their radio live performance on @ Morning Becomes Eclectic.
tracklist: Kiro TV, Sick, Miami Counting, Blue Movie, Loretta Young Silks, Low Five

Now you can get your FREE email !! register here.

*** Sept 2000 ***

UK October dates added !!! go to see pimps live...and sey hello to them for me too =)

tabs added: 6 Underground !! and Destroying Angel

US dates added in the dates page.
Pimps are going to release a new album, maybe in spring 2001 (but there is no official font)
Also check the links section for a new website full of bsides.

Sneaker Pimps have released their own records label, called "Splinter Records", which among its artist features Robots in Disguise.

*** Jun 2000 ***

Few photos and posters added, and links updated
Pimps are currently touring somewhere in Europe but i dont have the dates :(

Do u 'LIVE' ?? YES! i've added 2 full live shows in mp3 format!!download soon before they put me in jail :)

*** Feb 2000 ***

A monthly club night at the ICA hosted by Sneaker Pimps
" check the new dates!

Some info about Kelli (pimps' ex-vocalist), since lot of persons ask about her...
In these websites you find some news about her, check it out:

her collaboration with SATOSHI TOMIIE

news from a friend: "I've told here I saw Kelli singing with Marc Almond on the Jools Holland show. I found out tha name of the music they were singing : "Almost Diamonds" from his album "Open All Night"(by Sarah "sspinsugar")
So, you can ckeck on the web for Kelli Ali (her new name) and Marc Almond, some useful links are:
official Marc Almond website

"The album 'Open All Night', released 29 March 1999, is a mature, meditative journey, each track outstanding and definitely Marc Almond today, more relevant than ever. From the voodoo tinged 'Black Kiss' to the jazz inspired 'When Bad People Kiss', through to the haunting 'Midnight Soul' and the lyrically poignant 'Tragedy'. The album draws from the musical sources as rich and diverse as R'n'B, trip hop, Gospel and Latin and evokes all the elements that make Marc Almond a unique talent. The album features two duets - 'Threat of Love' with Siouxsie Sioux and the Creatures: and 'Almost Diamonds' with Kelly Dayton, the exquisitely talented vocalist of the Sneaker Pimps. "

Almost Diamonds (the song they wrote and perform together)

Ok, they coment something about the music too:

By Marc Almond:
"Almost Diamonds
The second duet on the album with Kelly from The Sneaker Pimps. A beautiful dark trip hop song about wasted and fake love. Kelly took my lyrics and rewrote them from her angle. Don’t expect the song you heard at the Palladium."

By Angela Hampton:
" Other notable tracks are 'Almost Diamonds' which is another brilliant collaboration, this time between Marc and Kelly Ali of the Sneakerpimps and the title track "Open all Night" which captures the whole mood of the album."

By Uncut Magazine - Chris Roberts:
"The duet with Siouxsie Sioux, "The Threat Of Love", develops arabesque motifs till they take on the hypnotism of a mantra.Even better is the duet with ex-Sneaker Pimp Kelly Ally, "AlmostDiamonds", one of the most romantic theatrical ballads delivered by anybody in years"

By Attitude - Michelle Olley:
"And he’s bagged some fearsome trophies this time around for his growing collection of diva duets - the bittersweet Almost Diamonds with ex-Sneaker Pimp Kelly soothes and sighs along, while The Threat Of Love with Siouxsie is diva-voodoo-stomp in da house - scary and magnificent."

By Q Magazine - Andrew Collins
" Two fabulous duets (with Siouxsie Sioux on the Eastern-tinged Threat Of Love and Sneaker Pimps’ Kelly Dayton on the Portishead-like Almost Diamonds) nudge Almond to the front of the queue for the next Bond theme. Surely. "

By Camden Fly
"There are even collaborations with the likes of Siousxie sioux and Kellie Dayton (of Sneaker Pimps fame) to give it added credibility. Highlights include the aforementioned duets, Threat Of Love and Almost Diamonds, as well as Wrap My Heart In Velvet and recent single Tragedy.It's not just about selected highlights though, the album as a whole makes a very enjoyable listen"

Spin Spin Sugar kisses :-* Sarah Electronica


*** Dec '99 ***

On Thursday Dec. 2 at 6pm, UK time there was a chat on with them.
Chris and Joe were there, and the chat was awesome!
Do you want to read the transcript of the chat?? :)

*** Nov '99 ***

"SPLINTER" lyrics added!!

new new audio clips from splinter!!!

new tour dates oct-nov '99

new live review: The Sneaker Pimps Aberdeen 29/09/99 oct-nov '99

*** Oct '99 ***

New Album "SPLINTER" out now !!
Singles released:
10 to 20

The official website is ready !
Check for biography, pictures, downloadables and more.

Read more info on :

Sneaker Pimps - Splinter This was never supposed to happen....
Chris Corner of Sneaker Pimps and his records that made life worth living
Sneaker Pimps release a new single
"Ten to Twenty"

*** Sept '99 ***

added a sample of LOW FIVE in mp3 format. check the audio section

New cd single LOW FIVE released !! You can download the full videoclip from ... very good quality !

***July '99***

check more info on NME.COM Pimps' new album ? Coming soon!!
A friend, Chris from UK,  has seen them playing live in Glasgow, and read what he wrote:

they are back.
i just saw them in glasgow tonight (25th june 1999)

chris corner is now doing vocals, and very well i might add.
liam said that there should be a release in 4-5weeks. there will definitely be a single and an album.

set list (for obsessives):

Lightning field
Low five
Flowers and silence
6 Underground (truly fucked-up)
Half life
Spin spin sugar (orgasmic)

thought you might like to know. chris! )

 Check more here:

New LIVE performaces: V99 Festival - Sneaker Pimps have been added as Orbital's support acts on the second stage at Staffordshire (August 21) and Chelmsford (22).
check info here:

***March '99***

  full lenght version of 6 UNDERGOUND and POST MODERN SLEAZE videos  really cool !!!!

want to read more about kelli's departure ? :-(

***February '99***

i've added new mp3 audio clips from these bsides:  Johnny, Velvet Divorcel and In The Blue, and some reviews.
Thanks to my friend Aran, we have transcribed new b-sides lyrics

***December '98***

coming out is the new Placebo CD single "Every You Every Me", with a special remix by Sneaker Pimps

***November '98***

new screenshots from 6 underground video (I'm quite lazy in these last weeks :)

***September '98***

looking for other b-sides ? then check the audio page !!
have you missed all their
live gigs ? then check the audio page !!
want to read more
articles&reviews ? then check this page !
(ps: I have mess up the discography :-)

***August '98***

Aargh !!!! this is the worst news I could ever put on this site... :-(((
I went through this only now, end of August....sigh....

25 - July - 98: Kelli Dayton has left Sneaker Pimps
that's all...what else can I say..sob...Kelli, we will miss you !!!

if you want to read some more about this, check MTV site:


***April '98***

check the LOOK section to see images taken from post modern sleaze video ... I love this song, and the video is great !!!

BECOMING REMIXED: the Pimps have released this album which contains remixes and unreleased. Here is the tracklist:

01. Spin Spin Sugar - (Armand's Dark Garage mix)
02. Walking Zero - (previously unreleased, Tuff & Jam Unda-Vybe Vocal)
03. Post-Modern Sleaze - (The Salt City Orchestra Nightclub mix)
04. Spin Spin Sugar - (Armand's Bonus dub)
05. Post-Modern Sleaze - (Reprazent mix)
06. 6 Underground - (Perfecto mix)
07. Tesko Suicide - (Americruiser mix, previously unreleased)
08. Roll On - (Fold Mix mix, previously unreleased)
09. 6 Underground - (The Umbrellas Of Ladywell mix, #2)
10. Post-Modern Sleaze - (previously unreleased, Flight From Nashville)

I've added some b-sides lyrics, try them out....

COOL !!! I've added a lot of mp3 audio, and video clips.
Check them out !

***March '98***

You can find new pimps' songs on these Official Soundtracks:

Velvet Divorce - A LIFE LESS ORDINARY O.S.T.
Long Hard Road Out of Hell - SPAWN O.S.T.

I have just bought the Spin Spin Sugar CD-single, I love the radio edit of that song (which is also the version you can hear in the video) so I've added an mp3 clip

December 97: the PIMPS have re-released the album BECOMING X (with a new ugly photo on the CD cover, IMHO) and the CD single 6 UNDERGROUND

The CD-single contains:
* 6 Underground (Nellee Hoopers edit)
* 6 Underground (Album version)
* Can't find my way home
* Precious

November 97: "6 Underground" is the beautiful song of an Italian TV spot....maybe Pimps will re-release the CD-single.

August 97: Spawn - the album: Marilyn Manson and the vampy trip-hoppers Sneaker Pimps have just done a genuine face-to-face collaboration. Their song is called "Long Hard Road Out Of Hell" and will be on the official soundtrack of the motion picture.
You can check this homepage, Falling From Grace, and ask for an MP3 audio file of the song.
For a complete album review, check this Q-Magazine's article.


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